Become A Brokee

ABCD! AnyBodyCanDo Real Estate! All you need is the right platform. At Brokees, you will have ample opportunities to become a pundit in the real estate business.

Why should you start a real estate business?

  • The Indian real estate market is expected to touch US$ 1000 Billion by 2030
  • The real estate sector will contribute 13% of the nation’s GDP by 2025
  • Housing is one of the 3 basic human needs and so the demand for real estate is always high
  • An average individual spends more than 70% of life savings on real estate

What are the opportunities?

  • There is a demand for easy, hassle-free, online access to real estate agents – a gap we can fill
  • Prospective buyers and sellers are becoming brand conscious and Brokees provides you that status
  • Being a Brokee requires no investment, is risk-free, and the potential commissions are high
  • The profit-share model at Brokees mean you get unmatched commissions with every deal closed

 How To Become A Brokee?

Becoming a BROKEE is easy!